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Salesforce和其各种各样的标准reports that allow you to understand how many leads you are generating, the source of your leads, the number of leads in each lifecycle, and more. But what are the differences between the reports? Where do you go to find specific information?

We will compare Marketo versus Salesforce data to help you understand how to successfully report on marketing's impact.



Marketo有一个报告库that come out of the box to help you understand performance. Below is a list of those standard reports:

  • Campaign Activity Report
  • 竞选电子邮件绩效报告
  • 公司网络活动报告
  • People Performance Report
  • People by Status Report
  • Report Type Overview
  • 网页活动报告

在开始使用Marketo的归因模型之前,了解您的准备就绪很重要。采取我们的市场归因报告准备就绪评估,以了解您的地点 - 只需几分钟。


所有这些都将帮助您了解营销活动的总体表现,包括电子邮件,着陆页,潜在客户生成等。但是,您可能希望更深入地了解这些人是谁,内容产生最多的参与度,由于这项营销活动而从营销质量的潜在客户(MQL)转换多少,以及其他可以回答的问题和attribution reporting

To dive a bit deeper, you can adjust the settings within the “Setup” tab, add filters within the “Smart List” tab, or even make use of the drill-down feature within the report itself. Here is an example of how thedrill-down feature在人绩效报告中使用。


Adjust the settings and filters to create more views of your report, compare time frames, or dive deeper into the data to answer any questions you need to answer.



For example, let’s revisit the question of how many people converted into an MQL from a specific marketing campaign. Let’s use the example of an online advertising campaign. Typically you are tracking leads acquired by this program. With that in mind, here is an example of the filters you may use:

  • Acquisition Program Name = [Insert Program Name]
  • Data Value Changed
  • 属性=人身份
  • 新值= mql
  • Date of Activity = on or after [Date of Program Launch]

Your data may vary, which means your filters may need to vary. This is just an example, but this should give you an idea of how you would create a smart list to help you understand the number of people that qualify for your report.




However, here is a great place to start if you are new to reports in Salesforce—the销售队伍report typesyou may want to reference:

  • Campaign Reports
  • 潜在客户报告
  • Opportunity Reports

这些报告类型中的每一个都包含更多可根据需求使用的报告。为了进一步研究这些数据,您可以滤清器报告based on values, field comparisons, URL parameters, and more.




  • Outline and plan for your dashboard before you start building.
  • 从左上角最重要的报告开始,然后朝右下方工作,从而确定报告的优先级。
  • Group filters together at the top or left so that they are easily noticed.
  • 选择最适合您的数据的图表类型和您要讲的故事。

市场vs. Salesforce Data

If you are utilizing Marketo and Salesforce, it isimperative to integrate the two platformsto understand the full picture of your sales and marketing initiatives. While Marketo and Salesforce can report on different things, the two platforms can provide each other with valuable information.



  • 人资料来源:Which marketing campaign acquired the lead? How many people have been acquired by paid social?
  • Behavioral and demographic scores:谁准备与销售交谈?谁根据我们的BANT(预算,权威,需求和时间表)模型更合格?
  • 生命周期阶段:他们是新的领导还是MQL?多少个MQL转换为销售合格的线索(SQL)?
  • 关键活动:这个人是否填写了下载内容的表格?这个人访问了联系页面吗?


If information from Salesforce is shared back to Marketo, you can pull together the following data:

  • 铅质量:Of the leads generated by this source, how many were qualified by sales?
  • 生命周期阶段:该人被交给销售后,有多少合格?有多少人成为机会?
  • ROI of marketing campaigns:在该活动产生的潜在客户中,有多少人成为客户?封闭交易的价值是什么?
  • 铅和联系数据:谁有资格参加这项运动?谁没有资格参加此运动?

This data can be used for multiple initiatives. It can provide you with the information you need to segment your audiences, it can provide your sales team with valuable insights to help in their outreach, it can help you prove ROI, and much more.




市场Attribution Reporting Readiness Assessment

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